Tuesday, 3 September 2013

All up in my Grillz

Katy Perry promotes her new single Roar, saving millions in advertising
There are rules in life.

Like, where Rihanna goes, one must follow.

Except Chris Brown. He just went to jail.

Anyway, this Grillz business. Rihanna is into it.

I'm not sure about it.

But seeing as all the celebrities are doing it, I must at least consider it, you know, as a study of the evolution of pop culture and all that.

In theory. it's kind of weird and unattractive.

But actually, I think I might like it a little bit.

Making a statement, less permanent than a tattoo and not as tacky  wishy-washy as nail art.

Wonder if Claire's Accessories do their own version.

Thoughts? Anybody?

This isn't me, this is Rihanna

P.S I think we should all pay tribute to the Grillz icon, the man, the legend, the metal mouth who started it all: Jaws from James Bond.

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