Thursday, 20 October 2011


There is a reason I have been putting off my 90's post.

Firstly, they were my formative years, before I discovered blow-drying, and I don't necessarily want to revisit them.

Second, I don't feel I yet have the benefit of hindsight to accurately judge the era. The 90's were only yesterday.

Only they weren't. I counted. And even in my bad-at-maths counting, I know they ended 11 years ago.

But now that Versace has unveiled a collection for H&M, I can no longer put off the inevitable. The 90's really are back. Sleeveless denim, floral-print bodycon, grunge (eww grunge) an all.

But then I thought about it some more (well I thought about it just now) and realised, the whole fun of retro is you get all the good, some of the bad and none of the very, very ugly.

Like MC Hammer pants. *shudder*

Ie I can wear a babydoll dress and Doc Martens, but I won't get called fat by the guy I have a crush on in English class.

I don't have to prove my worth in life by wearing cycling shorts, LA Gears and a tie-dye t-shirt.

I can wear a pair of green and gold printed trousers and call it 'ironic' (fashion folk love this word, though they don't know what it means)

Or I can wear a cropped top and not have my mother hyperventilate (though I probably won't ever and she still might)

What else can I do?

Oh oh! I can watch Beverly Hills 90210 before it was just 90210 AND I would love to watch My So Called Life and experience it through the eyes of a person who doesn't sob every time Jared Leto comes on the screen. Jordan Catalano, how you broke my heart.

OMG what else did the 90's produce? Hello! Clueless!

I miss the 90's.

P.S Where are we on scrunchies?

P.P.S And bumbags?

P.P.P.S 'He does dress better than me. What would I bring to the relationship?'

P.P. P. P. S Classic.

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