Monday, 3 October 2011


I need to talk about Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love. So much so, I can't even be bothered to think of an original post title today.

Oh. My. God.

Those three words were involuntarily escaping my lips at various points throughout the film – namely whenever Mr Gosling came on screen, much to the annoyance of the rest of the audience.

And I rarely, rarely say this so I'll say it again. Oh. My. God.

He is the most perfect slice of man known to...well, er, man.

But this is a fashion blog so unfortunately I can’t just go around posting gratuitous pictures of hot men for no reason at all.

Thankfully, the character he plays in this film is impeccably dressed – so you see, we can always use fashion as a guise.

Here goes:

INSERT FASHION QUOTE HERE - 'Now, the Age of Gosling seems imminent if not inevitable. Shades of Michael Caine, certainly, with an unshaven, unfussy twist. It's no mistake the guy's been all over our Week in Style roundups for the past few weeks, either, pulling off sockless loafers, short-sleeved cardigans, and Persol shades with ease. Whether stylist-enhanced or not, Gosling looks like the star many had tabbed him in the afterglow of The Notebook' (GQ)

INSERT ANOTHER QUOTE FOR EXTRA CREDIBILITY HERE - ' He was like a peacock on screen, strutting his stuff in custom made suits with chunky rings and a chain necklace tucked into his open collars. Most of his suits were designed by Albert Hammond Jr. and Ilaria Urbinati, the owner of LA’s Confederacy, who commissioned Brooklyn based tailor and style icon Martin Greenfield to produce the designs, including the green hunting suit he wears while devouring a slice of Sbarro. The film’s costume director, Dayna Pink, sourced shirts from Alexander McQueen, Simon Spurr and Yves Saint Laurent. Gosling went through thirty-six wardrobe changes in total.' (Elle)

Personally, I think the fact that Steve Carell could come close to being remotely attractive after a makeover proves what I have been saying all along...

Clothes absolutely DO maketh the man.

Ok, one gratuitous shot is allowed...

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Victoria'sProcrastinationProject said...

Enjoyed Ryan very, very much in this film. Didn't think much of the story line but very impressed by Ryan!! haha