Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Sorry for the ridiculous delay, I had to go to Rome.

But in case anyone still remembers, still cares etc, I DID get a seat at the Burberry show.

But tbh it didn't make all that much difference, I barely noticed the clothes, I was too busy being mesmerised by Anna Wintour.

The woman is fascinating.

She must be some kind of vodoo queen because in a room full of high fashion, supermodels and celebrities, she was the only thing I could concentrate on.

And then she smiled and I nearly fell of my allocated chair.

But forget all that, let's talk about me for a second.

Well more specifically me and Hermes.

I was browsing at the Selfridges branch and by browsing I mean squealing at everything while husband pretended not to know me (it's as if he thinks by being as quiet and invisible as possible he will counter my presence anywhere - as if).

Anyway so let me tell you about the Andre Leon Talley type dude that works there.

Impeccably dresssed and super cool, I wish I had taken a pic.

I was asking if a particular throw came in grey and he said 'do you mean the one in sex and the city'?

And I said, er, no, what one in Sex and the City?

(Apparently there is an Hermes throw in Sex and the City that I don't know about. Oh the shame.)

And he rather dramatically said - looking dapper with a silk scarf tied around his neck - 'You know, in the scene where Carrie is crying in Charlotte's apartment after Big dumps her at the altar - she is wrapped up in it.'

Now, I ask you, where else in the world can you get such encyclopedic fashion knowledge?

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What Kate Wore said...

I had no clue you had a blog, duh! Love this post because Anna looks almost maniacal, I would have done a face plant as well if seeing this in person. Actually, seeing it in print my first reaction was "photoshopped," that's how surprised I was.

Grins & Giggles,