Friday, 9 September 2011


So I know I just said the 90's are back but do you remember Back to the Future Part II?

Arguably the best Back to the Future of them all. Purely because of all dem cool gadgets...

Well I was screechy excited when I discovered Nike are releasing 1,500 pairs of the trainers worn by Marty McFly in 2015.

Slightly disappointed they are being sold on eBay at auction (ie can't afford) but proceeds are being donated to the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's disease research, all for a good cause etc..

Tres disappointed the shoes do not lace themselves like they did in the film but whatever they light up, and like most things in fashion, they look good so that's enough for me!

Bids are currently at $5,000ish so get in there....

Now the question is, when's the hoverboard coming out?

P.S Roads...where we're going we don't need roads...

P.P.S Isabel Marant has been causing a stir with her own version. Message is loud and clear. High-tops are in. Heavy. Did I mention the 90s are back?

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