Monday, 19 September 2011


I went to the Emilia Wickstead show at my new favourite hotel the Connaught on Friday and today I am attending Burberry in Hyde Park (rumour has it I even have a seat).

On Saturday, I stepped out of my flat to hail a cab to Sommerset House and fell violenty ill on the spot, relinquishing all my tickets for the day.

I see a pattern emerging here and now think I should name rename my blog K & C (and a bit of W1) girl.

Everything you could ever want in life from Manolos to macaroons is located in Kensington & Chelsea, including my office.

And there's even that Saatchi gallery on the King's Road for when you want a bit of culture, though let's be honest, how often does that happen?

I will follow up with my thoughts on Burberry later tonight and let you know if I did indeed get a seat.

I would also like to start a petition to bring Fashion Week back to the Natural History Museum where it belongs. To stop people from falling ill and such things.

P.S Thank you Tats for the beautiful Vogue covers book! It looks super in my living room. Even though currently fighting husband who thinks Syrian Architecture would be a better option. Than Vogue??!!! Don't. Be. Ridiculous.

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