Thursday, 11 August 2011


The people at Liberty department store are so clever.

They have found a way for (questionably) grown-up women (or men, I don't judge) to indulge in Hello Kitty obsession without looking like they've raided a nine-year-old's bedroom.

Hello Kitty is just one of those childhood trends that reminds me of being young. Like diaries that lock, Pez dispensers and those chewing-gum lollypops that came with tattoos you stuck on with water.

If you can't bring yourself to own-up to your love of the Japanese feline , the collection also includes a sophisticated version (well, who are we kidding? as sophisticated as Hello Kitty can get).

The print will be used on make-up bags and cosmetics (but would love to see a scarf!) and available to buy for two weeks from September 26th.

Makes great gift (cough, ahem).

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