Wednesday, 10 August 2011


So unless you've been living under a rock this week (which is probably the safest place to be actually), you'll know the UK is in the throws of mass rioting, looting and general chaos.

Have been glued to the television until the early hours, begging husband to emigrate to Florida. He said no. Spain? No. Hong Kong? No. Where then? Just go to sleep. Charming.

I thought that it might be appropriate to put fashion on hold during this time until I saw the new Levi's ad.
It features scenes of rioting while the narrator says things like 'your life is your life' and seems to be causing quite a stir.

It's a beautifully made ad and was obviously filmed before the violence started but still makes for uncomfortable watching given the current climate. said: 'It's a little risky to embrace youthful rebellion in advertising right now, given that the real-world examples involve so much looting and burning.

'It's odd, then, that Levi's isn't at least delaying the release of its new European ad campaign—which features somewhat menacing imagery of young people gathering, marching and confronting riot police, along with shots of stuff on fire.'

So are Levi's just plain insensitive or eerily astute about what was to come? 

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