Sunday, 24 July 2011


I have been whisked away to celebrate one year anniversary in beautiful-but-currently-rainy Venice.

So am holed up in hotel room waiting for the skies to clear.

I haven't been here in about ten years and had completely forgotten how magical this city is.

Walked around for hours crossing canals and getting lost in picture-perfect streets lined with art galleries and Venetian masks.

As much as I assumed a gondola ride would be a total cliche, when I took one yesterday, it was so romantic I suspended disbelief long enough to pretend I was Angelina and husband was Johnny Depp in The Tourist....

Until 'Johnny' gave me a present.

Unwrapping with glee, I wondered excitedly what could it be... an LV scarf? a lace blouse? La Perla lingerie?


An apron....

He bought it at the souvenir stand, apparently.

When I asked what on earth possessed him to purchase such a 'thoughtful' gift, he said it combines his two favourite things in life - food and naked ladies.

He's so modern, my man.

P.S I did also get an amaze pair of snakeskin gladiator flats to go with... So it's not all bad. 

And now I can walk around confidently wearing a body like Angelina's without doing any exercise...

Bring on the carbs, I have my  miracle apron!

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