Friday, 8 July 2011


Ok, so she divides opinion.

There is the 'she dresses like my aunt' camp.

And the 'what exactly does she do camp?' and finally the, 'I love her hair' camp.

Well I am in the 'she-can't-put-a-foot-wrong' camp.

She is very pretty but not ostracisingly beautiful, elegant but not trendy, charming but not an extrovert.

I love that she is normal.

And that she wears sheer tights. I thought my mother was the only person in the world who did that.

Mostly though, I love that I look at a low espadrille wedge in a whole new light now.

And she plays it safe exactly the way a British Royal should. Sensible. Beige. Muted. Like the Queen.

Which, during the nauseating era of Lady Gaga, wags and reality TV stars, is refreshingly reassuring.

Here are some of Kate's great wardrobe choices (Oh and happy birthday to Diana who would have been 50 today and very proud of her two boys *sniff snifff*):

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