Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Bionda Castana is my new obssession.

Not just because it's the brainchild of one of my favourite people, the sublime Natalia Barbieri. Cos it is. And not just because I have a shoe named after me. Cos I do.

But also because these designs are like no other. Swear to god.

When you are fed up with your twenty-five million inch patent platforms and in the mood for ladylike, elegant, stylish, timeless beautifully-made heels, these are the babies for you.

They are like stand-alone pieces that you work your outfit around.

I get like a gazillion compliments everytime I wear a pair and am about to receive my leopard-print wedges. BEYOND excitement.

And when I saw images of the new campaign, I just HAD to share. Stun.

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pea said...

Not that bothered about fashion (there I said it!) but even I can see these are quite beautiful.