Friday, 3 June 2011


My style rut has been de-rutted...I popped into super-cute new store EKA on Westbourne Grove last night with the amaze Natalia of Bionda Castana fame (like, a way important shoe designer).

It's a teeny tiny thing of a shop, with maybe three rails of clothes, you know, one of those boutiques that takes 30 seconds to see everything and you're too embarrassed to walk in and walk right out again.

BUT I did find this super gorge dress by LA-based designer Wren. It even looked good in the changing room AND I was having a fat day. Woohoo.

It's a fab summer buy and looks a bit McQueen, non? Oui.

Summer wardrobe item no1. Tick.

Yay!!! Neeeext....

McQueen 2010: Ok, so NOT soo similar, but kind of similar

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