Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Gwen Stefani is amazing, I don't know why she is, but she is. She has the ability to make anything look good.

LOVE this Stella McCartney jumpsuit she wore in Cannes. Love the hot pink lipstick. Love the curls. Just love.

And now see Chezza for how not to do plunging neckline...

 P.S I tried on an Hermes scarf at the weekend then realised I'm not a) middle-aged housewife or b) my mother, a  middle-aged housewife.

So I bought (read husband bought, I am so broke it hurts *sobs*) a super cute Mulberry one instead.

They come in a variety of prints and colours and are all fabulous...go and buy one now and demonstrate my power to shift designer goods which will eventually get me freebies and I'll never have to pay for anything ever again, like all those other fashion blog people! Well go on then!

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