Tuesday, 31 May 2011


When I am stuck in a fashion rut, like now, and am bored with the High Street (Zara) uninspired by all the high-end stuff (no millions in the bank) I make plans to head to Portobello.

Portobello, and other markets in London, are basically places where you can get away with buying a lot of crap for not very much money - but still impress people with how savvy you are.

People: Oh, I love your earrings, they're so unique, where are they from?
Me: Portobello (they cost two quid, I bargained them down to £1.97, I think I saw them in Topshop the other day, they are actually killing my ears right now. Ow.)
People: Oh amazing (I really should explore London more often, I'm so unadventurous, I'm going to go this weekend, maybe I'll check out that exhibition at the V&A and go to a 7am Bikram yoga class while I'm at it)
Me: I knoooow, I love that place, found some real gems (I go once a year. For about half an hour. Never find anything. I only go to convince myself I'm an adventurous shopper...even though it's down the road from where I live...I did go to Borough once, but it was so long ago I don't remember it, think I bought a jar of chutney, I may still have it)
People: you're so right, I'm going this weekend (who am I kidding? I'll never bloody go, does lunch at the Electric count?)

P.S Say hello to the new Chanel handbags out this September. The collection is called the 'boy'...a man you should always have on your arm...

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