Monday, 18 April 2011


I always think of Diane Kruger as the mute blonde chick that got everyone killed in Troy.

But then I saw her today at the Coachella festival looking cool in maxi skirt and vest.

She's a kind of under-the-radar actress who doesn't attract a lot of attention but looking over her outfit archive, I now realise this woman can dress like no other.

She can do it all....

Look see, she can do festival:

High fashion:
Greek goddess:

Sexy cool:

Elegant red carpet:
 'I don't need to try' red carpet:


And finally, the 'I'm so fun' look:

Oh, plus she's v hot. And going out with Pacey from Dawson's Creek! He's so lucky, he could have ended up with Katie Holmes...He really dodged a bullet there...

P.S Ode to Dawson's Creek...Major flashback time..Eww.

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