Friday, 1 April 2011


I have sucked at blogging due to manic house move!! Finally - hurrah!

Although I suspect husband isn't very happy as he has created a brand new nickname for me.

I am now known as the 'tidy Nazi' on account of my inability to stop cleaning...

Yes, I admit he has woken up every day this week at 630am to the sound of me dust-busting and if he so much as leaves a loose sheet of paper lying around my blood pressure quickly rises - and I start pulling that face that makes him question who or what he married.

But I'm just trying to make a beautiful home...

In the meantime, I have decided to round up the news to make up for what I have missed:

(In no particular order)

No1 Blake Lively's done it again! Love it. Marchesa perfection.

No2 Olsen sisters aka fab alien twins have hit the $1billion mark in sales. Well obviously, when you charge £1,185 for a blazer.

No3 The new Sweet Valley High book has come out Stateside, I cannot cannot cannot wait. I haven't been this excited since I was 12.

No4 Lady Gaga is writing her own column for V magazine. Will this woman ever go away?

No5 *Breaking news * Skinny is the new plus-size. Just ask the Victoria's Secret model in the middle.

No6 Lily Allen has a clothing line? I am still trying to get over the fact that she is a Chanel muse.What were you thinking Karl Lagerfeld? Have the leather fumes finally gone to your brain?

No7 I know flares are in, but if they don't suit Milla, then they wont suit me. Still - I'll wear them anyway.

PS I thought of writing some funny but fake April Fool post but I can't be bothered. Sorry.

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