Monday, 18 April 2011


I always think of Diane Kruger as the mute blonde chick that got everyone killed in Troy.

But then I saw her today at the Coachella festival looking cool in maxi skirt and vest.

She's a kind of under-the-radar actress who doesn't attract a lot of attention but looking over her outfit archive, I now realise this woman can dress like no other.

She can do it all....

Look see, she can do festival:

High fashion:
Greek goddess:

Sexy cool:

Elegant red carpet:
 'I don't need to try' red carpet:


And finally, the 'I'm so fun' look:

Oh, plus she's v hot. And going out with Pacey from Dawson's Creek! He's so lucky, he could have ended up with Katie Holmes...He really dodged a bullet there...

P.S Ode to Dawson's Creek...Major flashback time..Eww.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


It is my belief that every season, designers get together in the fashion boardroom and come up with new trends they know are gross but unveil anyway just for fun. Just to see how many idiots will fall for it.

The latest one is the Seventies revival.

The other day for instance, I left the house wearing a black maxi skirt, black roll neck and skinny belt KNOWING full well I looked like an extra from an episode of The Brady Bunch meets The Adams Family.

Why? Because I am one of those idiots.

But it's ok, thankfully I'm in good company. Gwyn P is also under the same spell.

Wearing a Stella McCartney A-line skirt, she may look bang on trend and kind of cute if you don't concentrate on her outfit for longer than a millisecond.

But on closer inspection, it's not so flattering and would actually make a great shot for those heinous little fashion catalogues they stuff through your mailbox.

I'm just saying.

P.S: People magazine voted Jennifer Lopez the 'most beautiful woman in the world'. Ok, whatever, clearly they went for the 'approachable, relatable, look-even-celebrities-have-big-bums' option. I vote for Jen An. Might not 'technically' be as beautiful as other Hollywood heavyweights, but I LOVE her. Look, she's on the latest cover of Red magazine and still looks ar-mazing!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Prozac, anyone? Elle Fanning
I just read a story in Grazia about a 24-year-old journalist who had a great job, social life and boyfriend but still suffered from depression.

It said a third of women over 18 have taken antidepressants.

Depression symptoms include not being able to get out of bed/or off the couch.

Which is kind of worrying because it sounds like my early twenties.

Lately though, I have noticed a strong link in my life between depression and fashion.

I, personally, like to label depression that feeling I get when I read Vogue, surf Net-a-Porter or see pictures of Elle Fanning, a 13-year-old actress with a wardrobe that could give Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money.

I also like to call it 'wanting stuff I can't afford'.

Like a stunning Ralph Lauren floaty shirt in today's same Grazia that costs £1,079 or the £1,143 D&G skirt.

Depression is also that feeling I get when I see amazingly hot bodies on supermodels that can get away with wearing flat shoes anytime they want when I had to wear six inch stilettos to a barbecue on Saturday just so I wouldn't be mistaken for one of the eleven-year-olds.

But that doesn't stop me from soldiering on with my obsession for all things sartorial, even though the hotter it gets, the worse it becomes.

Flip flops are enough to send me to the GP's for a Prozac prescription. If it weren't for wedges (and those small Olsen twins who always make me feel better about my height), I would be in the Priory right now working on a feature about how I had it all until the gladiator sandal came along.

It's no wonder so many industry stars end up in psychiatric facilities.

Friday, 1 April 2011


I have sucked at blogging due to manic house move!! Finally - hurrah!

Although I suspect husband isn't very happy as he has created a brand new nickname for me.

I am now known as the 'tidy Nazi' on account of my inability to stop cleaning...

Yes, I admit he has woken up every day this week at 630am to the sound of me dust-busting and if he so much as leaves a loose sheet of paper lying around my blood pressure quickly rises - and I start pulling that face that makes him question who or what he married.

But I'm just trying to make a beautiful home...

In the meantime, I have decided to round up the news to make up for what I have missed:

(In no particular order)

No1 Blake Lively's done it again! Love it. Marchesa perfection.

No2 Olsen sisters aka fab alien twins have hit the $1billion mark in sales. Well obviously, when you charge £1,185 for a blazer.

No3 The new Sweet Valley High book has come out Stateside, I cannot cannot cannot wait. I haven't been this excited since I was 12.

No4 Lady Gaga is writing her own column for V magazine. Will this woman ever go away?

No5 *Breaking news * Skinny is the new plus-size. Just ask the Victoria's Secret model in the middle.

No6 Lily Allen has a clothing line? I am still trying to get over the fact that she is a Chanel muse.What were you thinking Karl Lagerfeld? Have the leather fumes finally gone to your brain?

No7 I know flares are in, but if they don't suit Milla, then they wont suit me. Still - I'll wear them anyway.

PS I thought of writing some funny but fake April Fool post but I can't be bothered. Sorry.