Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Rachel Zoe, stylist to the stars, responsible for dressing Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson and co, has released her own collection.

Although I loved her part in transforming Nicole Richie from drab to fab, I am not loving her own look.

Very hard to believe that someone with such a strong aversion to bras could be responsible for the wardrobes of high profile Hollywood stars.

Anyway, I was kind of excited to see her own designs, launched today.

But quel disappointment.

My favourite look:

The rest is so blah blah:

Collecton images from

P.S Ok, so continuing on from the skinny jeans theme from yesterday, now that we have established they are on the way out for women, Levi's has decided to bring them back - for men. You've heard of the boyfriend jean, well now behold the ex-girlfriend jeans. Yes, really.

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