Friday, 11 February 2011


Thought I'd get everyone in the mood for romance this weekend with some top tips for Valentine's Day:

Set the tone. But do not attempt to re-enact this using a normal-sized dress.

Maison Moschino in Milan. Dreamy
Don't wear red. You will appear psychotic.

Lanvin loveliness

Lesson for ladies. Choose your words wisely.

Lesson for men. Know the difference between corny.


and unacceptable.

You can be cheap, but chic.
Be Mine notebook, £35, Smythsom

Pink arm candy is sweet. But won't suit anyone over the age of 15. Unless you are Paris Hilton.

Balenciaga, anyone?

 Are you dumping someone? Here is the perfect present.

And finally, another way to say, I hate Valentine's Day.

P.S Don't worry if you are stuck for gifts. Remember, presents come and go but vouchers last forever.

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Tamara said...

Actually laughed out loud. Made me like Valentine's day a little bit...