Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I am so loving Olivia Palermo's campaign for Tibi and surprise, surprise, she styled herself.

She looks amazing as usual and so effective is this plug, I want to buy everything Tibi and immediately.

Ok I am biased because I have the same taste in clothes (except her wardrobe is a million times nicer and her legs are a million times skinnier).

But really, she has the daytime look nailed, sticks to neutrals, is effortless and totally simple but put-together.

Do you need more convincing?! Do you?! Well check out the Olivia P with her guide to accessorising:

Major accessory no1: Hot boyfriend

Major accessory no2: Hermes clutch

Major accessory no3 & 4: Bicycle and Birkin
Major accessory no5: Another Birkin
Major accessory no6: Pet dog with his own cute outfit
Major accessory no7: Amazing apartment

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