Tuesday, 8 February 2011


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Wide-legged trousers are back in a big way.

I tried to ignore it for a while.

But eventually gave in. Last week. To a pair of the softest boot-cut indigo jeans by Paige. I've even had them tailored.

But I'm not happy about it.

Firstly, I blame denim-heaven Trilogy for opening opposite my office.

Secondly, I am not ready to give up on skinny jeans.

It's a ridiculous notion that I should have to because it took me so bloody long to get used to them in the first place.

I remember when they first burst onto the scene via Kate Moss and her rock chick vibe and eventually filtered down to the High Street where they were forced upon us all.

It didn't matter how short, fat or disproportionate you were, there was no choice in the matter. 

I went from smugly aloof (what-ever, they're, like, for 12-year-olds, not real people) to horrified (are we really supposed to be buying into this?!) to agnostic (I suppose they don't look THAT bad) and finally, became addicted.

Along with everyone else.

We no longer know if they look good or if we have just all been brainwashed into believing they do.

(For more examples of this, see Uggs, harem pants and fishnet stockings)

But with all the Seventies editorials floating around now and seeing J Brand's Love Story jeans teamed with a crisp white shirt, I just think of Ali McGraw and her long hair and preppy 70s dressing and it's too much to resist.

No, I have no willpower or ability to think for myself.

That's what happens when you read Vogue for a living.

P.S.  Oohh Dynasty Dolls! I wanna be Alexis!

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