Monday, 21 February 2011


Having attended a few events over the weekend, I have compiled a top ten of how to handle Fashion Week:

1. Do NOT make eye contact with anyone you don't know. Unless you are famous.

2. Do NOT attempt to make conversation with the person sitting next to you. Unless you are famous.

3. Try and sit in the first two rows, you don't count as a person if you are further back and more importantly, you will not get a goody bag.

4. Have a plan if you have time to kill between shows, otherwise you might end up in some random Pizza Express in Bloomsbury surrounded by screaming kids while you desperately stare at the clock and wonder how it has only been thirty seconds since the last time you checked. I'm just saying.

5. Don't layer, no matter how cold it is outside or you will look like a bag lady and strain several muscles under the weight of all your stuff.

6. A mobile phone is a MUST. I repeat a Must. No one standing alone would be caught dead at a show without typing away frantically on their Blackberry/Iphone. It's the law.

7. If you have a child, bring it along. Fashion and kids are HUGE this year.

8. Alone in Victoria after dark + fur coat + mini skirt + high heels = No no.

9. Be prepared to stand in line. For long periods of time. Indefinitely. Maybe even forever.

10. Try not to drink too much. Your mate Shaniqua might convince you it's a great idea to pose on the red carpet after the paps are gone while people shake their head and whisper 'who let THEM in'?

Ok, here comes the fashion bit. My favourites from Matthew Williamson:
I desperately need a winter coat for next year. Please God let it be this one
Fringe benefits!
Maxi-dress + Brights + metallic belt = perfect summer dress
And Temperley was amaze, despite the one hour delay:

Sheer perfection
Biker + floor-length + stripes: Sophisticated cool
Going for gold
P.S So it really is true, dogs aren't just for Christmas...they're for an entire season. (I wonder if Mulberry pets come with a return policy once they are no longer in fashion.)

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