Wednesday, 2 February 2011


There's something new going on with fashion and razors.

(No, not the kind you slice your wrists with - that's an old love affair.)

I'm talking about models epilating on film.

Rag & Bone's latest campaign, starring girls who have taken their own picture, features Abbey, a shirt-clad blonde perched against the sink shaving her legs. Lovely.

And then, French Connection followed suit with their new ads and a similar theme.

Ok, all in the name of art etc and what a great way to show that models are human too!

Yeah, right!

Besides, don't they all laser these days anyway?

P.S Royal wedding condoms. Now I've seen everything!


Anonymous said...

That picture is Shabba Ranks...

prettyfashionforward said...

hahahahahahahaha... i concur!!! shaving is sooooo Reality Bites circa 1994!