Monday, 14 February 2011


It's Valentine's Day. Perfect husband has sent me a beautiful bunch of flowers. Cue 'Ahhh' *gratuitous showing off*

So I am not in the mood to be (very) negative.

I will therefore not focus (too much) on the fashion misses and only concentrate on the dresses I liked.

Starting with the Grammys.

Ok, cannot find any dresses I like at the Grammys, let's move on to the Baftas.

Oh no wait, that's not true, just saw Rihanna.

Rihanna is one of those girls who, in my opinion, always looks phenomenal no matter what she wears.

There are very few women who can achieve this and it requires an enormous amount of guts and sense of fun (others include Dita Von Teese, Drew Barrymore, Sarah Jessica Parker)

Who else could pull off a Jean Paul Gaultier wedding dress and make it look so cool?

I found the rest of the Grammys fashion very uninspiring with a medley of sequins, gold, bling and cutaway dresses that were so bla bla.

And I think someone should tell J Lo (in Emilio Pucci) and Kim Kardashian ( in Kaufman Franco) that they are possibly morphing into the same person.

Moving on to the Baftas.

Amy Adams. Was never that Enchanted (geddit?) with the actress until I saw her in The Fighter last week and now I just LOVE LOVE LOVE her.

She looks so fresh and happy (and so devoid of fake tan), though I would be too in Elie Saab couture.

Cannot wait to see her Oscar choice.

 Julianne Moore in Tom Ford - pure elegance. Just love her (minus the lesbian scene in Chloe - so wrong)

Gemma Arterton in YSL. I am on the fence with this one. I don't know, it's not great but I sort of like that she looks like a cross between a giant present and an Origami swan.

Like I said, I won't dwell too much on the disasters, but just to give you some insight into how bad it gets, check out Emma Watson in Valentino. Oh dear.

Well done Colin Firth and King's Speech people for winning so many awards last night. I heart Colin and his wife Livia (who has her own Vogue blog) , so simple, so elegant in Nina Skarra, so lucky... Bet they're having a good Valentine's Day!

P.S Chrisitan Louboutin has named a shoe after Blake Lively. Called the Blake, funnily enough. See for yourself. Now judge.

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