Tuesday, 11 January 2011


You know what it's like.

You're in a crowded club, some drunk idiot steps on your foot.

Not only do you cry out in pain, you also shed a tiny tear for the poor shoe having to endure such abuse.

You want to shout a range of expletives at the heinous offender but a) you're worried you might get beaten up b) will they really hear you over the music anyway?

Well, fear not!

Designer Massimo Dogan has the ultimate solution.

For around $1,100, you can just point animatedly at the floor, hope they get the message and then run!


P.S Here are some more people you could direct them at: Traffic wardens. Those Mariachi type people that serenade you in restaurants and never leave you alone until you give them your firstborn or blood if you are childless. Air hostesses. X ray security workers that make you take your shoes off. Come to think of it, most members of staff working in an airport, especially that one woman who charged us ten kilos excess luggage at Dubai airport. Thanks for that. The incompetent sales assistants at John Lewis who obviously watch Little Britain's Computer Says No during training sessions (I went there last weekend, the wounds are still raw). Def worth the money methinks.

P.P.S Now I invite you take a moment to make a list of people you want to shoe off to. Happy Tuesday!

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