Monday, 3 January 2011



Happy 2011 all!

Pardon my sabbatical, am in Dubai visiting siblings on compulsory New Year's Eve trip. 

And husband has man flu so have been playing good wife and taking care of him.

Man flu, I've learned, is basically when a boy panics because he has a sore throat or headache or something that women live with most days and don't even notice. 

He has been curled up on the sofa wearing a hoodie for two days, staring at me with big puppy eyes and looking generally like ET while I make him cheese and Marmite toasties.

He was feeling better today and rewarded me for my excellent nursing skills with a trip to Mall of the Emirates, where I ironically found a British scarf designer I have fallen in love with.

Jane Carr does ah-mazing stoles and wraps etc... I snapped up a beautiful green camouflage print one. Quel happiness.

At 50 pc off, husband was only too happy to make the purchase to steer me away from a YSL Roady handbag I was also salivating over.

Anyway, I have checked out Jane Carr's website and she's only stocked in a couple of places in London so am very pleased with new hidden gem discovery.

Husband will hopefully make total recovery by tomorrow and accompany me back to mall for more prizes and things.

On second thoughts, a fever, delirium or anything amnesia-related could be quite useful in that situation.

P.S Check out Tom Ford's new womenswear collection. Drool. Sigh. 

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