Friday, 28 January 2011


Weird new trend alert: paying through the roof for cheap looking bags.

The 'anti it-bag' (the new it-bag, basically) comes in various guises and Jil Sander offered up the latest one at the Spring/Summer show.

It won't be long before Frow-istas are carrying their freebies in one of these 'Market shoppers' and probably even less time before Whole Foods - a catwalk that pretends to be a supermarket - is awash in a sea of neon.

Admittedly, the leather ones are quite cool and come in pink, yellow and green.

But I'm not too sure about Jil's acetate versions that look like the clear, plastic things you get at Duty Free with the receipt stapled on.

If you don't want to spend £90 though, do not despair. 

You can easily DIY with a Tesco or Waitrose carrier from the next food shop.

For real style cred, striped blue and white bags from your local newsagent are the way to go.

When approached, just say you are 'being ironic.'

Fashion people love that. 

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