Monday, 24 January 2011


Couture Week kicked off today with an OMG Christian Dior show.

There are only one or two occasions you would wear any of these dresses.

1) Your funeral.

2) Perhaps at a wedding where you intend on upstaging the bride.

Or maybe, you buy the dress, try it on and your husband decides you are so bloody expensive, he'd rather stuff you and hang you on the wall where he can at least appreciate his investment in silence.

Either way, Galliano's pieces are definitely art.

Inspired by former Dior illustrator Rene Gruau's drawings, I am loving the super glamorous 40s throwback.

This gown is like wrapping paper that will transform you into a giant present. In a good way. Or at the very least, makes a great maternity dress innit:

Favourite. Who is going to wear this STUNNING creation to the Oscars???? Pick me! Pick me!

Yellow spring ladylike loveliness:


Betty Draper does heroin chic:

That is all for today. Stay tuned for tomorrow. It's the Chanel show. Oh. My.

P.S Armani Prive also today. Quel disappointment. 1940's-meets-metallics-meets-Space Age. Whatever. Yawn. Not feeling the Judy Jetson vibe.

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