Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Only expletives and an excited, high-pitched tone can describe how I feel about today's Elie Saab show.

This collection belongs with a medley of dramatic perfume ad cliches including diamonds, macaroons, vintage Champagne, Paris, fur, snow, King Kong and/or any kind of incident where a handsome but brooding man has to chase you down a cobbled street before you disappear from his life forever.

And preferably ME (trapped in the body of Gisele).

Of course, the red carpet is also a perfectly acceptable location and I CANNOT wait to see which A-lister is set to get their hands on one of these di-vine creations.

Ok,  will let some of the gowns do the talking but seriously, OMFG:

Ladylike glamour
Nude siren
So Marion Cotillard
Fit for a goddess
Frost yourself
Green queen
lilac & lace
Red alert
Why does a girl only get one wedding per husband?

P.S A VERY LOVING husband (no, not mine) has found the ULTIMATE gift for his wife.

He hired a Sex and the City designer to turn the guest bedroom into Carrie's exact closet from the movie.

What I want to know is, was it the first film or the second?

Either way, the walk in wardrobe holds 400 pairs of shoes. I feel sick.

Satc 1: Closet heaven

Satc 2: Closet heaven too

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