Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Who would send models down the catwalk in flat shoes during Couture Week? So simple. So chic. So Chanel.

While all other designers are vamping it up, this collection was pared down elegance and I LOVED it.  

My only disappointment was the lack of Oscar-worthy creations. Boohoo. 

But loving the nude hues, attention to detail and crystal embellishments. 

Of his show today, Karl Lagerfeld said: 'I don't want an intellectual image. I am a fashion person.' 

Well, no one's going to argue with that.

My only concern is does this mark the beginning of the end - of the high heel? Quelle horreur!

Here are my faves:

Monochrome magic
Eighties yuppy love
Understated bling
Sheer perfection
P.S Finally saw Black Swan. Amazing performances but seriously scary. I guess Winona Ryder has that effect on me.

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