Friday, 17 December 2010


I have been seeking the perfect pair of gloves.

And now, I have found them.

Leather and lace, my favourite combination (other than vodka and soda).


They are from Club Monaco, which incidentally, have lots of other beautiful things too.

Like: Divine pearl necklace. Think cashmere, think pink and grey. Think happy thoughts.

Next up: Super cute fingerless gloves. Think free to use phone without typos.

Headband: Think Barbour jacket, snood, chunky knit, pleated skirt, flat knee-high boots. Think maybe I will look like her if I put this on.

Oh no, frustration has kicked in.

Just clicked on their storefinder and discovered they don't sell Club Monaco in the UK.


Quest for perfect gloves continue...

P.S Carine Roitfeld has quit French Vogue! That means there's an opening...Quel excitement!

P.P.S A cupcake headband. Just what I've always wanted. How did they know? 

P.P.P.S Heard this in Whole Foods yesterday. Stuck in head. Just sharing the love.

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