Thursday, 2 December 2010


So here are is my top ten can't get through the winter without (in no particular order):

1) Earmuffs. Ok, I may resemble an eight-year old but they are the warmest thing ever and completely acceptable for sub-zero temperatures. Just remember to remove before you get to work or you WILL look like a twat.

2) The Snowman. Classic. But was a bit suspect come to think about it: big giant kidnaps little boy in the middle of the night after smoking pipe. Not sure that would fly these days to be honest. No pun intended.

3) Mulled wine. You can't feel the cold after a while. Or your face eventually.

4) George Michael. Could carry a cool Christmas tune before DUI and occupying public lavatories.

5) The gym. I know I'm only basing it on two sessions so far but I SWEAR I feel better already. The steam room/ sauna made me feel like a new person. Have yet to try a work out.

6) Fur. Sorry PETA.

7) Puzzles. Hours of entertainment and great fun, especially if you don't like people.

8) Winter Wonderland. Also goes fabulously with no3 followed by a roller coaster followed by a hot dog and more no3. Followed by Alka Seltzer.

9) Wrapping paper. For all the presents I am getting myself.

10) Husband. He keeps me warm and cosy and can reach the higher shelves...

P.S Once bitten and twice shy...GM could do with taking his own advice.

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