Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I'm not usually that interested in men's fashion.

But after lots of pleading from husband, I finally watched (half of) Wall Street for the first time on Friday and have come to four new conclusions about life:

1) Michael Douglas is hot.
2) Every male banker I know blatantly watched this film and wanted, but failed, to be Gordon Gekko - lucky for them considering the ending tbh.
3) Lunch is for wimps.
4) Men really should wear suspenders more often.

For tips on how to recreate this sexy look, it helps if you actually are Gordon Gekko.

Given the unlikelihood of this, I believe Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl (but NOT Andre 3000) also wears it well, with a cool, modern twist.

Having said all that, I am now quite keen to invest in a pair myself...of suspenders, that is.

P.S After going to birthday party as Little Red Riding Hood costume last month (see previous post), some big movie person must have eyed me from across the room and used me as their source of inspiration....

I must say, I never really saw myself as Amanda Seyfried but who am I to argue with Hollywood?

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