Tuesday, 14 December 2010


There is something strange going on in the fashion industry.

More than usual, I mean.

Now I know pre-pubescent teens make ideal mannequins and we all accept that, but there appears to be a disturbing new wave of youth attracting designers.

I finally got the chance to curl up on the sofa with the December Vogue Paris edited by
Tom Ford tonight and did a double WTF take when I saw this 23 page shoot on gift ideas, modelled by children.

I had trouble guessing these freaky kids' ages - honestly, the Balmain threw me off -  but nine or ten might be a safe bet.

These little people are just so darn little.

Stunning, yes. Playing dress up in the most dee-vine attire, yes!

But, am not exaggerating, in one shot, the kid is modelling a red Versace gown, Swarovski-encrusted Chrissy Loubs and a 20 carat Cartier bracelet.

I don't even think she's Russian.

I may be missing something, but I am having trouble understanding Tom's vision here.

Is it supposed to be ironic? Doesn't Mr Ford know fashion people don't do humour? Has he not seen Zoolander?

And what's with Willow Smith being on the cover of the Sunday Times Style magazine? 

There's an interview and everything. She's also ten, btw - and a singer.

Am I interested in the opinion of a ten-year-old?! Even if she is Will Smith's daughter. 

Er, no. 

I'm barely interested in opinions at all. Other than my own.

On the plus side, given my frame, I may be able to pass myself off as a child model. 

All I need is some couture and a music video.

Shouldn't be too difficult, as long as I make sure to dip my hair in paint and headbang.

P.S Speaking of music videos, check out the new single by Karl Lagerfeld's muse Baptiste Giabiconi... There are no words. Really. None.

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