Friday, 5 November 2010


How dull life becomes when one has to exercise self-restraint.

No shopping, no eating. I have officially lost the will to live.

Luckily the dressing-up season has provided me with a clever loophole.

Costume buying provides the same satisfaction as retail therapy, but results in none of the angry lectures from anyone (read husband).

So after my successful cat ensemble last week (read lots of leather), I am tonight attending a birthday with the letter L as the theme.

Lady Godiva? Ladybird? Little Mermaid? Anyone from Little Britain?

The possibilities are surprisingly endless.

Suggestions from my friends so far have been: shove a pillow up your top and go as 'late', smear powder across your face, carry a bottle of vodka and go as Lindsay Lohan, wear stripper shoes and perform a 'lapdance'.

While all very helpful offerings, I decided to deviate from the above.

I popped into the carnival store in Olympia (am quickly becoming their best customer) and settled on Little Red Riding Hood.

I think the look perfectly compliments my little girl butter-wouldn't-melt hair.

My, what impeccable taste I have...

P.S Ah-mazing old Chanel ad for inspiration

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Anonymous said...

Wow -weren't Chanel ads great before Keira Knightley got involved?