Monday, 8 November 2010


So my Little Red Riding Hood outfit went down well on Friday night at letter L-themed party.

I even had my own basket handbag and everything.

The only problem was without it, in a cape, black corset and red skirt, I was apparently unidentifiable.

Who are you? I was asked by a lumberjack.

I put the hood on and smiled.

Lumberjack blank stares: naughty nurse? The devil? Supergirl?

Erm, none of those begin with L, I said.

More blank stares. I picked up my basket and showed it to him.

But you're not blonde? He said

Astute, these lumberjacks.

Since when was LRRH blonde anyway?

So I spent the whole night carrying the wicker thing around.

Now have an arm ache. And considering dying my hair.

In other news, am delighted with Liverpool's result yesterday.

Husband has been awfully depressed with their poor performance. In his excited frenzy, he agreed to buy me a present after every victory!

That way, you see, it's a win-win situation.

Thank you to clever friend for suggesting the proposition.

Am now a keen supporter of the reds and bear and I are very grateful to Fernando Torres (and clever friend) for new Missoni scarf.

YNWA (as long as husband keeps up his end of the bargain).

P.S How ah-mazing did Kylie look on the X-factor Sunday night? Sexy Mark Fast red dress. Killer Chrissy Loub spiked stilettos.

All good things DO come in small packages.  Yay.

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