Thursday, 4 November 2010


Word on the catwalk is that crimping is back.

Wow. Major 90s flashback.

I started blow-drying my hair when I was about 12.

An early starter I know but it was either that or continue to scare the children in my class with my Medusa-like locks.

Anyway, I remember buying a Babyliss straightener that also doubled as crimper.

In my desperate attempt to copy all my favourite TV characters, I ended up scaring adults too.

So I think this is one retro trend I will definitely not be revisiting. At least not until Next Halloween.

But Amber Le Bon does look kind of cute.

P.S Other 90's (and 80s) stuff that spring to mind: LA Gear trainers, Babysitters Club, fluorescent clothes, slap bracelets, jelly sandals, ponytails on the side, Alf, Troll dolls, Duck Hunt, and OMG remember these?!

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