Monday, 29 November 2010


Thanks to my previous party season entry, a friend informed me that the sequin French Connection dress I was after was still being sold in Selfridges.


So, I went in yesterday and tried it on, pleased to report it did indeed look as good as I hoped but disgruntled husband insisted I pin the rather revealing slash down the middle.

The sacrifices one has to make in marriage!

And actually, it appears I am rather thick too cos I just found it on the FC website, which would have saved me the trip entirely. Could have sworn it wasn't there last week?!

Anyway, so Selfridges has this annoying rule (trading laws apparently) where you can't actually purchase anything until midday on Sundays.

But they still let you in an hour beforehand to browse and be tortured.

I had to just wait for like half an hour, which of course led me to pick up other things while I was there, including a rather fabulous black crochet snood and 2010 hot pink Smythson diary.

Those department store people are so clever.

My shop hop ended in Harrods, where I fell in love.

With a £12,000 headboard.

It's so beautiful, I want to be buried with it when I die.

I even took a picture with my phone but due to my ineptitude, it didn't save.

Am going back tomorrow for more drooling so will hopefully have photographic evidence.

Maybe if I forgo all other furniture, I can have it.

Sofas are so last season anyway.

I am off to the gym now. Have joined to fit into above dress.

P.S Look at these Lady Gaga My Little Pony toys.

Well, we DO need more positive role models for little girls... 

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