Monday, 1 November 2010


I am detoxing again, unless you count Halloween.

Not shopping again, unless you count my cat ears and leather tail for Halloween.

Not moving either, unless you count my majorly embarrassing fall that involved a human pumpkin, some 80s music and a very big bruise on Halloween.

I have been buried in Breaking Dawn (third Twilight installment) and developing even unhealthier obsessions with the undead.

Though I did not think this was possible.

But I must admit all of the above doesn't make for interesting blogging. Sorry.

It's like time has frozen. Yes, ok, I am supposed to be knee deep in House & Garden back issues and planning my new home but it's just soooo hard.

The combination of the words colour and scheme sends me into a blind panic. How am I supposed to settle on something and then just, live with it?

I can barely make decisions about what I want for lunch. The take-away industry is very very overwhelming.

This is why God invented department stores, so that we can pick and choose what we want to wear, depending on our mood.

I am now on decorating strike because, to be honest, the only shades I like so far are Christian Dior 2007 pink and grey.

One of their dresses (above) should really be an apartment.

Husband, annoyingly, has some reservations about pink, even when I refer to it as salmon.

So I am very out of ideas. But in the meantime, I am working on weakening his resolve.

Fashion is just so much easier than interiors.

You can experiment.

If you make a mistake, you learn the lesson, throw the dress in the bin (along with your carefully hidden bank statement) and put it behind you.

You make a mistake in your home and it's in your face. Every. Day. Staring at you.

Besides, can't concentrate on anything until I finish with the Edward-ness. And the Don Draper-ness.

Maybe some Robert Pattinson wallpaper.

No problems living with that mistake...

P.S. Hooray for Alber Elbaz, Lanvin's designer, who thinks clothes can cure all: 'At first I thought to myself, who needs fashion? Look what life is about.'

The next morning though, he had a change of heart: 'A doctor will give you a Tylenol, I will give you a beautiful red coat, and you will feel as good with Tylenol as with the red coat'

Now I know where I was going wrong trying to get rid of my hangover yesterday...

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aysha said...

definitely new favorite blog Mrs.M! And I agree grey n pink/salmon make for a perfect home interior!!! Try pushing forward the shabby chic vibe in the house now THAT's a battle I'm still preparing for!!!