Tuesday, 30 November 2010


These are a few of my favourite things (today):

1) I heart this Roberto Cavalli coat (£1,425, net-a-porter.com).

How cute is the belt?

2) Just in time for Christmas travels and perfect for dealing with those annoying security people. Yay! (Anya Hindmarch, £120)

3) Skinny red leather pants? Should hate, but love. See Elle for how to wear. (Joseph do a good pair for £595)

4) Lesson from Burberry:

Chunky knit + cinched-in waist = instant style update

5) I spotted the turban comeback during fashion week. Now look at Kylie. Urban Outiftters have their own leather version for £60.

But I want that one:

6) Love lace. LOVE Blake Lively. This woman can do NO wrong.

7) This woman, however, CAN.

It starts off so well....(Please bear in mind the arctic temperatures)

Trapper hat: tick. Loose grey sweatshirt: tick. Skinny combats: tick.  Rolled up with orange stilettos: Why, Cheryl? Why? Seriously, why?

Monday, 29 November 2010


Thanks to my previous party season entry, a friend informed me that the sequin French Connection dress I was after was still being sold in Selfridges.


So, I went in yesterday and tried it on, pleased to report it did indeed look as good as I hoped but disgruntled husband insisted I pin the rather revealing slash down the middle.

The sacrifices one has to make in marriage!

And actually, it appears I am rather thick too cos I just found it on the FC website, which would have saved me the trip entirely. Could have sworn it wasn't there last week?!

Anyway, so Selfridges has this annoying rule (trading laws apparently) where you can't actually purchase anything until midday on Sundays.

But they still let you in an hour beforehand to browse and be tortured.

I had to just wait for like half an hour, which of course led me to pick up other things while I was there, including a rather fabulous black crochet snood and 2010 hot pink Smythson diary.

Those department store people are so clever.

My shop hop ended in Harrods, where I fell in love.

With a £12,000 headboard.

It's so beautiful, I want to be buried with it when I die.

I even took a picture with my phone but due to my ineptitude, it didn't save.

Am going back tomorrow for more drooling so will hopefully have photographic evidence.

Maybe if I forgo all other furniture, I can have it.

Sofas are so last season anyway.

I am off to the gym now. Have joined to fit into above dress.

P.S Look at these Lady Gaga My Little Pony toys.

Well, we DO need more positive role models for little girls... 

Friday, 26 November 2010


As party season approaches, I am  faced with a whole new host of wardrobe dilemmas that I can't be bothered for.

Enter LBD.

I had my eye on black a sequin mini dress from French Connection ( long sleeves, v-neck back and front, very Serena Van Der Woodsen) but stupidly decided against spontaneous purchase and it's now gone.

Last time I do that.

Not sure what to get instead but wanting to take a leaf out of Olivia 'The City' Palermo's style bible.

She looked so cute at the Glamour Awards in a Douglas Hannant dress and fabulous accessories.

(Note leaopard-print skinny belt please.)

I also LOVE this Jason Wu lace dress, which I would look super in.

(No, modesty is not one of my strong points).

In the meantime, I am going furniture shopping this weekend. It's all very exciting.

But as I am partial to a splash or ten of animal print, husband is coming along to rein me in.

So 'we don't end up with a Taxidermist's wet dream instead of a living room' apparently.

And I'm thinking of getting a dog (real not stuffed).

Or maybe a hat. A hat isn't as high maintenance and is much more versatile.

It's not like you can dye a dog to match your outfit... Can you?

P.S And the award for most airbrushed picture on the planet goes to....

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Not sure if you have noticed, but I have been on brief sabbatical.

I won't bore you with the details of my fabulous Grand Prix fun (even though I really really want to).

All I'll say is after a rather eventful holiday, I am back on sartorial form (and begging husband to start training as a racing driver. So far my pleas are being ignored.)

And what better time to return than the Lanvin for H&M launch today?

Ok, I admit to being a hypocrite as I constantly mock these faux-laborations and the ridiculous hysteria they generate.

But today, curiosity got the better of me.

And having an H&M branch 30 seconds away from my office helps too.

It was all suprisingly civilised.

I was given a colour-coded wrist band which corresponded to a time slot two hours later, so when I returned at the allocated time, they just let me in without having to queue.

Gosh I love Kensington.

I have to say the dresses were a bit too 'attack of the wrapping-paper' for me, but I did pick up two adorable embellished t-shirts and a friggin cool zebra-print trench coat.

They will come in very handy when I'm an F1 Wag.

P.S I cannot wait for the Vogue Paris December edition, edited by Tom Ford. He's dreamy. Even if he did put a 15-year-old on the cover. Yes, she's so young, she hasn't grown eyebrows yet.

Monday, 8 November 2010


So my Little Red Riding Hood outfit went down well on Friday night at letter L-themed party.

I even had my own basket handbag and everything.

The only problem was without it, in a cape, black corset and red skirt, I was apparently unidentifiable.

Who are you? I was asked by a lumberjack.

I put the hood on and smiled.

Lumberjack blank stares: naughty nurse? The devil? Supergirl?

Erm, none of those begin with L, I said.

More blank stares. I picked up my basket and showed it to him.

But you're not blonde? He said

Astute, these lumberjacks.

Since when was LRRH blonde anyway?

So I spent the whole night carrying the wicker thing around.

Now have an arm ache. And considering dying my hair.

In other news, am delighted with Liverpool's result yesterday.

Husband has been awfully depressed with their poor performance. In his excited frenzy, he agreed to buy me a present after every victory!

That way, you see, it's a win-win situation.

Thank you to clever friend for suggesting the proposition.

Am now a keen supporter of the reds and bear and I are very grateful to Fernando Torres (and clever friend) for new Missoni scarf.

YNWA (as long as husband keeps up his end of the bargain).

P.S How ah-mazing did Kylie look on the X-factor Sunday night? Sexy Mark Fast red dress. Killer Chrissy Loub spiked stilettos.

All good things DO come in small packages.  Yay.

Friday, 5 November 2010


How dull life becomes when one has to exercise self-restraint.

No shopping, no eating. I have officially lost the will to live.

Luckily the dressing-up season has provided me with a clever loophole.

Costume buying provides the same satisfaction as retail therapy, but results in none of the angry lectures from anyone (read husband).

So after my successful cat ensemble last week (read lots of leather), I am tonight attending a birthday with the letter L as the theme.

Lady Godiva? Ladybird? Little Mermaid? Anyone from Little Britain?

The possibilities are surprisingly endless.

Suggestions from my friends so far have been: shove a pillow up your top and go as 'late', smear powder across your face, carry a bottle of vodka and go as Lindsay Lohan, wear stripper shoes and perform a 'lapdance'.

While all very helpful offerings, I decided to deviate from the above.

I popped into the carnival store in Olympia (am quickly becoming their best customer) and settled on Little Red Riding Hood.

I think the look perfectly compliments my little girl butter-wouldn't-melt hair.

My, what impeccable taste I have...

P.S Ah-mazing old Chanel ad for inspiration

Thursday, 4 November 2010


Word on the catwalk is that crimping is back.

Wow. Major 90s flashback.

I started blow-drying my hair when I was about 12.

An early starter I know but it was either that or continue to scare the children in my class with my Medusa-like locks.

Anyway, I remember buying a Babyliss straightener that also doubled as crimper.

In my desperate attempt to copy all my favourite TV characters, I ended up scaring adults too.

So I think this is one retro trend I will definitely not be revisiting. At least not until Next Halloween.

But Amber Le Bon does look kind of cute.

P.S Other 90's (and 80s) stuff that spring to mind: LA Gear trainers, Babysitters Club, fluorescent clothes, slap bracelets, jelly sandals, ponytails on the side, Alf, Troll dolls, Duck Hunt, and OMG remember these?!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


If you don't fancy paying £1,320 for this Dsquared jacket, (although frankly, why the hell not?) all you need to do is the following:

1) Take one black tuxedo blazer.

2) Set your pet on the right sleeve. If you do not have a pet, borrow one from a friend.

3) Glue some cable sweets from the pic n mix counter to your arm.

Congratulations, you are officially a fashion victim.

P.S On a more serious note, I have found a very perfect cushion to go with my Christmas tree Balmain dress. £40 from Heal's.

And I thought decorating would be hard...

P.P.S. It's all very well in theory.

Lanvin designer, highly effective PR offensive, 6ft amazonian models and an army of stylists.

In reality, it's still H&M for God's sakes.

I AM looooving the cinematography though.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


I don't want a tree this year.

I want a Balmain gold sequined dress.

And I want to look exactly like supermodel Natalia Vodianova when I wear it.

P.S It's £21,000.

P.P.S Gulp.

Monday, 1 November 2010


I am detoxing again, unless you count Halloween.

Not shopping again, unless you count my cat ears and leather tail for Halloween.

Not moving either, unless you count my majorly embarrassing fall that involved a human pumpkin, some 80s music and a very big bruise on Halloween.

I have been buried in Breaking Dawn (third Twilight installment) and developing even unhealthier obsessions with the undead.

Though I did not think this was possible.

But I must admit all of the above doesn't make for interesting blogging. Sorry.

It's like time has frozen. Yes, ok, I am supposed to be knee deep in House & Garden back issues and planning my new home but it's just soooo hard.

The combination of the words colour and scheme sends me into a blind panic. How am I supposed to settle on something and then just, live with it?

I can barely make decisions about what I want for lunch. The take-away industry is very very overwhelming.

This is why God invented department stores, so that we can pick and choose what we want to wear, depending on our mood.

I am now on decorating strike because, to be honest, the only shades I like so far are Christian Dior 2007 pink and grey.

One of their dresses (above) should really be an apartment.

Husband, annoyingly, has some reservations about pink, even when I refer to it as salmon.

So I am very out of ideas. But in the meantime, I am working on weakening his resolve.

Fashion is just so much easier than interiors.

You can experiment.

If you make a mistake, you learn the lesson, throw the dress in the bin (along with your carefully hidden bank statement) and put it behind you.

You make a mistake in your home and it's in your face. Every. Day. Staring at you.

Besides, can't concentrate on anything until I finish with the Edward-ness. And the Don Draper-ness.

Maybe some Robert Pattinson wallpaper.

No problems living with that mistake...

P.S. Hooray for Alber Elbaz, Lanvin's designer, who thinks clothes can cure all: 'At first I thought to myself, who needs fashion? Look what life is about.'

The next morning though, he had a change of heart: 'A doctor will give you a Tylenol, I will give you a beautiful red coat, and you will feel as good with Tylenol as with the red coat'

Now I know where I was going wrong trying to get rid of my hangover yesterday...