Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Red lipstick? What do we think?

I am seeing this everywhere...Most recently on Dannii on Sat night's X-Factor. Loved it. But have always shied away.

Why? Firstly because I have been loyal to my same Dior pink Ultra Gloss Flash 557 for years.

And secondly, because I am worried I will either look like a tranny or a little girl who has spent the evening at her mother's dressing table (which, I still do sometimes btw).

But this season is all about experimenting and after throwing caution to the wind with my risque trim, I am feeling rather daring.

So, I know the wine lip is in but as a non-blonde, I shall reserve that particularly vampish look for Halloween.

Instead, I have purchased an inoffensive red from Mac.

Also, check out their Venomous Villain collection, inspired by the darker side of Disney.... I always fancied myself as a bit of an Evil Queen.


P.S Trend alert: The two-tone. Ie a different colour on each lip. Another great idea for Halloween!

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aysha said...

i looooved them when i first saw them!!! i'm all about disney full stop!!! i want it all even though im not such a huge make up fan.. damn u disney for brainwashing me!!!