Thursday, 21 October 2010


So I know I said there was zero point in me buying wellies seeing as I tend to tick 'sedentary' when the new joiner form at the gym asks me how active I am.

But all that was before I knew I was going to be spending the weekend in the countryside....and before I knew heavy rain was predicted for Saturday.

Cue dilemma.

Uggs? Not waterproof. Tried this once on a skiing trip and they got wrecked.

Ballet flats? Not warm enough.

High heel knee-highs?, out of the question actually.

A girl needs a break from all things city sometimes - including stilettos, dare I say it.

I took a lunchtime stroll across the road to Soletrader (what a name for a shoe store - you just know it's going to be filled with practical and heinously ugly shoes), and I came across a pair of Hunter boots.

Black, understated, rain-proof and under £70. Sounds about right for an impulse buy.

They're quite cute too actually, bear even tried to stumble off in them but hasn't quite mastered the art of walking in rubber yet...

Whatever, the point is, it better rain!

All I need now is a big country pile to go with...

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