Tuesday, 5 October 2010


New research has revealed women use their sex to excuse their actions regularly.

88 per cent of women polled have used being female as an avoidance measure in the past, with just over half doing so regularly.

So my secret is out then. I have been doing this for years, and not very happy some nerdy scientists have uncovered the fullproof Modus Operandi to get by in life without lifting a finger.

There goes that plan, will have to get my thinking cap on for another.

In the meantime, I am being overwhelmed by technology today.

Having just joined Twitter (yes, I'm so slow to catch on), I am torn between the compulsion to publish every single little thought that crosses my wired mind...and pulling the plug on the lot as I am inundated with information.

Albeit interesting information. Fashion information.

For instance, having access to live pix and fun snippets from the front row (like retired Mr Valentino's standing ovation at the label's show today or Chanel model Brad walking the catwalk with his adorable two-year-old son wearing matching jackets..awww.)

But I cannot understand how anyone manages all these internet outlets AND a full time job. You leave the thing alone for a minute and come back to a hundred and fifty new Tweets.

Will have to enlist the help of some poor unsuspecting, geeky man child.

I can't do it all you know, I'm a girl.

P.S Shows today were amazing. Especially Chanel. Especially Valentino. Drool. Sigh. Tweet.
Some like it hotpants at Chanel
Leather and lace at Valentino

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