Monday, 18 October 2010


Sometimes I love my job.

Like when I'm suffering from a mild case of Monday blues (booo) and come in to work to find a little package sitting on my desk...

Look at this super cool sparkly Giorgio Armani lipstick, embellished with my initial in Swarovski crystals - makes a perfect gift or stocking filler...

You can get them personalised at Armani counters  - as long as you buy the £22 lippie naturally (there is no such thing as a free lunch! Unless you're in media, PR or  heavy gambler of course)...

This is also another example of channeling my positive energy (a la Power book I am currently reading - see previous post).

I was harping on the red lip and voila! I am the proud new owner of rouge shade 400 - without even having to move.

Have now set my sights on a slightly higher target...WATCH THIS SPACE!

P.S Went to Freize this weekend, not too sure about the art, am slightly clueless to be honest  - for instance, lady sitting in corner with pointed hat on her head...was this an installation, or a freaky Blair Witch re-enactment some woman likes to carry out in public?

Same goes for the breast-feeding mother with her boob completely out.. I certainly hope that was part of the show or our staring could have been deemed rather inappropriate.

Anyway, regardless, the fashion was fab-u-lous...Never had so much fun outfit-watching in Regent's Park.

P.P.S Also saw Social Network. What happened to Justin Timberlake? Did he age like fifty years overnight or what?

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