Friday, 8 October 2010


So I bought The Power today by Rhonda Byrne. It is the sequel to The Secret.

Which sold like a gazillion copies and is all about positive thinking being 'The Secret' to attracting your heart's desire.

Lots of cynics think this is a waste of time and energy and that we should all just accept life the way it is bla  bla.

But the way I see it, is that Rhonda Byrne is now a millionaire. And even if that goal was aquired by duping her readers into thinking they could have anything they want, I bet she used the law of attraction to do it.

I bet every night, she spent hours in bed 'Secreting' a way to get rich. Then a plan to convince a bunch of suckers to buy a book about being suckered hatched.

And lo and behold...Here I am. Not only did I buy the first volume, I also purchased the second!

And I really am a believer in the power of positive thought and all that crap.

For instance, I will be channelling my positive energy to attract bad weather this weekend - so I can wear my new clothes.

What's with this 20 degrees? We have put our summer wardrobe away! We have bought knee-high boots! The heating has been turned on! We want winter dammit!

Either way, definitely worth a read methinks. Will let you know how I get on....

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