Thursday, 28 October 2010


Well I have had a breakthrough.

I've been so far living under the assumption that I really can't shut up.

And for the last three days, I've had absolutely nothing, NO-THING, to say.

Writer's block, carpal tunnel syndrome (ok, I don't actually know what that means), introspection, call it what you want.

I was so quiet the other day at dinner, husband was terribly worried about me.

Then it dawned on him he was about to live the rest of his years in peace and he's been smiling at me with gaga eyes ever since.

In fact, my new personality malfunction is very on-trend.

This season is all about the 1950's housewife revival...just look at D&G's apron.

Can also be seen on the Spring/Summer catwalk for Anna Sui and Phillip Lim.

Maybe it's my haircut! Maybe, I'm like Samson and with my cute new bob, I've lost all my power!

At least I'm still shopping like a trooper...thank god.

In the meantime, my friend and I have been hatching up ideas to start our own company.

So far we have come up with fashion designing, styling or starting our own dating agency and calling it 'hoes before bros'...I have looked up the domain name and I'm happy to report it is still available.

P.S Look what happens when your husband starts earning £250,000 a week, you suddenly turn hot overnight

P.P.S It seems guns don't kill people, models at China Fashion Week do...Not too crazy about the outfit either tbh...

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aysha said...

hahahahahahahahahahahaha... this cracked me up!!! i soooooo imagined u talking! i heartchu n the new bob!!! oh and a friend of mine came up with sista's before mista's less degrading to women! i wanna meet up before i leave!