Thursday, 14 October 2010


Other than Erin O Connor's Model Sanctuary, a safe house for models to take refuge during the trials and tribulations of London Fashion Week (yes, it exists, look it up) there isn't really a designated area for the beautiful people to congregate.

Thankfully, Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel fame is on the case.

He is in the process of designing manmade Isla Moda, 20km off the coast of Dubai - it's like, the first ever fashion island!

It won't be finished til 2014, so you have a few years to invest in one of the 150 luxury properties.

If not, there will be three hotels to rest your Zoolander head, (hopefully no left turns either).

I will definitely be putting it on my to do list. I mean, just look at Karl. He is so cool - he can wear leather gloves in the desert heat.

Not even Lady Gaga can pull that off...Come to think of it, are they perhaps related?

P.S Went to Vanessa Bruno opening tonight. The Grafton St store is def worth a visit. No need to Eurostar it for her covetable collection anymore. Yay.
P.P.S Was with the beautiful Natalia Barbieri of Bionda Castana, who was causing a stir with her ah-mazing shoe designs...See?

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