Wednesday, 6 October 2010


What an amazing day for fashion and an exciting grand finale as we say goodbye to another sensational season...(Just imagine how stylish the Eurostar is right now.)

Quick round-up: Sarah Burton did a great job taking over from Alexander Lee McQueen and I want the entire collection, a lot. Butterflies, feathers and silk. Fresh and light and different to before - but also kind of the same.

Louis Vuitton was ah-mazing: Safari and sequins and an ode to the East, oh my.

Hermes: Equestrian, harnessing, jodhpurs, suede, Birkins and well, all things Hermes.

I don't know how I will remember this as unbelievably pieces won't hit stores for an age. In real time, we are still in aviator chic territory.

Remember that? Me neither.

Anyway, got the fashion bit out of the way. Back to my life.

And actually, don't care AS much about all of the above today because I (sorry, I mean we) are officially homeowners!! Eeek!

Husband and I received three sets of keys to our new apartment a few hours ago. Such a wo-mantic, he even carried me over the threshold. Sort of.

Was a lot more clumsy than that and we ended up in a heap on the floor. But what are a few hairline fractures in the name of love and real estate?

Mammoth task of decorating and being adult all ahead of us now. He's not very domestic - and I'm not very responsible - so together we clearly make a winning combination.

Have started flicking through H&G for ideas...All I'm missing are a set of pearls and Chanel suit and I'm good to go...

P.S: Let's hope the borough of Kensington and Chelsea have decent council housing in case this all goes pear-shaped...Have already spotted a place I could see myself living in. Great closet space, I hear.

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Brilliant - very funny indeed