Monday, 4 October 2010


I must be a masochist. Why else would I download the iPad application for Net-a-porter?

So I can be constantly updated on what's new and what I don't have. Like this Mulberry Python bag.

This stunning piece of arm candy makes me want to go back to 1992 when Wayne's World came out so I can say, schwing!

Also because in 1992, it would not have cost £1,250. And I would only be 10, so technically, just as content with a plastic skip-it.

I miss the 90s.

Add to this some serious cabin fever from my first weekend in London for an age, my poor aching wrist from writing so many thank-you notes, a lot of ugly, strange people on X-Factor and my depression is complete.

Only a python bag will save me now. *Sniff sniff *.

P.S In cheerier news, Salma Hayak rocked a turban at Stella McCartney's Paris show today. One good way to add some height. Have seen on the catwalk so the trend might actually catch on. Style hit, methinks.

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