Thursday, 7 October 2010


Am having a short hair moment. Not a Twiggy-like crop but a Betty Draper-like fabulous cut.

I see them everywhere and suddenly have uncontrollable urge to hack my hair off. I am convinced a bob is the way to go.

Having been through this in the past though - and then regretted it - I phone up friend for her opinion.

She is a long hair advocator and proceeds to reel off a list of unattractive (mostly lesbians) with short hair - including Jodie Foster. (So random)

What about Keira Knightley!? I protest.

Oh bloody hell, friend retorts, Keira Knightley only cut her hair to detract from her flat chest.

Fair point.

But not one to be easily swayed by public opinion, I woke up and decided today was definitely the day to opt for the chop.

All geared up,  I warned my colleagues of a dramatic change on the horizon - and printed out piccies of Grace Kelly and everything.

So impatient was I that I could not even wait for the end of the day and popped into the salon on lunch break.

And when I got there, I sat down confidently, took the images out of my bag and...completely chickened out.

It was sometime around the moment I realised I wasn't blonde, living in the Sixties or similar to Betty Draper in any way.

But still - I had a little trim.

One small step for me, one giant leap for Jodie and Keira...

P.S Valentino kitten heels are the it-shoe this season - as seen on everyone front row during FW.

Fine if you're a twenty foot Amazonian, I suppose. Frankly, I'll be sticking to my six-inch stilettos....

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